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Automotive LED Lighting

Designed the hardware for a 24V LED lighting system for use in the automotive industry.

Completed the hardware design for the three new boards.

Wrote the specifications and instructions required by an external CADSTAR designer.

Work with the CADSTAR designer to create a new library, produce the schematic circuit and design the printed circuit board.

Medical Industry

Modified existing C/C++ firmware, running under the eCos RTOS, to correct the issues identified and improve the machine operation

Created a clock system that provided predictable timing intervals

Create a queued printing system to overcome erratic printing

Created a data logging system to collect data accurately

Maintained a good record of the changes completed

Fire Safety

Completed the detailed hardware design for a new fire safety panel

Worked with the PCB designer to re-design the hardware parts library

Created the PCB design specifications and supported the PCB designer for component placement and routing

Supported a prototype PCBA manufacturer to supply pre-production prototypes

Wrote all test schedules and performed design validation testing

Energy Storage

Wrote the firmware  in C for an embedded Freescale processor to manage the real time  communications between a PROFINET I/O gateway, a PC and a control processor running on the same board

I2C was used for the communication with the control processor, USB was used to communicate with the PC and RS232 was used to communicate with the PROFINET I/O gateway


Wrote the firmware in C for an embedded HTTP 1.0 web server running on an Atmel UC3 device

The application used the lwIP open source stack, in Raw API mode, to create and manage the TCP/IP connection

The server provided an interface to a web based control panel that allowed parameters to be set and read in a number of slave devices

An I2C interface was used to communicate with the slave devices

Active Learning

Other designs:

Completed cost reduction design and development work for transmitters and receivers operating with a 760kHz excitation signal

Designed the DC to DC switch mode converters that provided four DC output voltages

Supported the design of the printed circuit boards by external PCB designers